Colin Slate

“I cannot recommend The Outlook enough! The staff are a delight and very good at making you feel at ease, and the location in my view is unbeaten, I can roll out of bed and be in the centre of town within minutes. I would highly recommend off-campus living, particularly as you will save yourself so much money living in the centre of town.”

William Morris

“I've had the best year of my life in The Outlook. I've met some of the most incredible people and I wouldn't change a thing. Lived in a studio flat in the Annexe and it was sick. Best location you could ask for! Such an amazing student housing option here in Bournemouth town centre.”

Amy Bradley

“Brilliant facilities, good location, secure and well managed by a lovely team. Absolutely loved my year at The Outlook, would definitely recommend staying here. The rooms are a good size, all with an en-suite and you have your own fridge – what more could you want.”

Lukasz Nowak

``Very welcoming accommodation that helped me settle in when I was completely new to Bournemouth!``

Charlotte White

“I was initially nervous about finding a place to stay while I studied, but The Outlook had everything I could possibly need, and more. I was impressed with the quality of the rooms, the friendly staff and above all else, the outstanding range of amenities. Plus, you simply can’t beat Bournemouth as one of the best places to study.”

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